Jacky is based on the borders of the three counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. She covers these areas and others further afield or if required telephone consultation supported with your video footage (details below) is available.

An Initial Assessment would take place which consists of:

  • A detailed history of the horse, the behaviour, related circumstances, and other related information is taken. Dependant on each case this can take up to approximately one and a half hours so it is wise to leave plenty of time for the appointment – all information is treated respectfully and confidentially.
  • If safe to do so, a visual assessment will take place, and you will not be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable with or confident in doing. Past video footage can also be used here as an aid if available but it is by no means essential.
  • Training, advice and practical tips will be given at the time so that starting to change the behaviour can being before you receive your training program.
  • A report of the findings will be supplied after the assessment along with a training program (although some behaviours can be changed with a simple management or husbandry adjustment).
  • Telephone support is free as you work through the training program (supported training sessions are available as detailed below).

The total cost of the above consultancy is £120 plus travelling expenses* payable by cash or cheque at the end of the appointment.

*Travel expenses can be reduced if shared with others nearby who are booking a service provided by Jacky such as Equine Behaviour Consultancy, Bowen Therapy for Horses, Cats, Dogs or other animals or Bowen Therapy for people (see website or telephone Jacky for information).

Supported Training Sessions

Supported Training Sessions are available where Jacky will travel to you to support you in progressing through the training program if required. This is not essential if you are confident to follow the program consistently but is available if you do not feel confident, wish to be kept on track or if you reach a stage where you feel assistance is required. This is charged at £35 for an hour session plus travel.

Distance Initial Assessment

If the distance from Jacky is considerable and the travel is not practical or affordable, a full telephone history can be taken and video footage can be posted to Jacky to complete the assessment. Again a full report and training program will be supplied. This is charged at £75. An appointment is made when you can telephone Jacky for the consultation to take place.

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