Some behaviour problems are easily dealt with by changing a simple husbandry or management detail where you are welcome to discuss this with Jacky free of charge over the telephone. Sometimes however, more in depth problems will require an assessment visit and can be arranged directly with Jacky.

During a consultation, Jacky will take a detailed and thorough history regarding your horse. The safety of yourself and your horse is of paramount importance, if safety allows, a visual assessment will also take place. This allows for a clear diagnosis of the problem behaviour.

The Importance of a Diagnostic Approach

Using a diagnostic approach which gets to the root cause of the problem behaviour, leads to the most appropriate and therefore the most effective solution. There is no ‘one solution fixes all’ as all cases have to be looked at in their individual circumstances. Through thorough investigation clear body language signs can be identified to establish whether the problem originates from confident/learned behaviour or pain/fear.

Referring back to the Vet

Where challenging behaviour puts people and their horses at risk there are important safety benefits to a positive diagnosis of learned misbehaviour or ‘naughtiness’. Likewise ruling out learned misbehaviour as a causal factor early in the diagnostic process is essential to allow a horse in pain or suffering a pathological or other physical problem to be properly referred back to the vet for th further investigation with confidence and treated as required. Therefore this can save time and money and is safer for all concerned.


Once a diagnosis is identified Jacky will provide a report along with a training program using scientifically based learning techniques. These techniques are easily and clearly understood by your horse as you will be communicating with your horse in a language he/she understands. This allows you to follow the program at a pace that suits you and your horse with the time you have available. Jacky’s support is available throughout the program via telephone contact which is free or Jacky is happy to assist with supported training sessions if you require.

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