Full Introductory day to Equine Behaviour
Organise a day for 10 people and get the 11th place for FREE

This full day course is designed to help anyone involved with horses to have a greater understanding of the equine and they way they think, using safe, effective and humane training techniques. The day is therefore open to anyone. Participants of the courses vary from single horse owners or people thinking about getting a horse to the professional involved in training, breeding, competition at a introductory or high level, Equine Practitioners or anyone involved with horses in any professional capacity. Groups can be of mixed levels of experience and knowledge.

During the introductory day you will learn:

  • Key signs and signals of equine body language indicating Tension or Confidence.
  • How no one training programme fixes all.
  • How horses interpret human body language which can send the wrong or mixed messages. This creates confusion which can subsequently cause the misbehaviour to escalate.
  • Exercises for horses that are Socially Dominant (bossy or cheeky) which the horse understands in their language not ours, therefore kind and removing the element of confusion.
  • Insight into training techniques in correct situations therefore remaining safe, effective and humane.

If you have any videos of behaviour you would like to view on the day this can be arranged. *Provided the necessary technology is available.

The day usually starts at 10am with a short tea break morning and afternoon with around an hour for lunch, finishing around 4pm. It is advisable to bring writing materials to take notes throughout the day if you wish.


* Organise a course day for 10 people and get the 11th place for FREE! * (20 people and you get the 21st and 22nd place for FREE)

This way the day can take place in the location of your choice with people you know or open to others you don’t know. However you wish, groups of friends, riding clubs, professional colleagues etc.

The day cost is £45 per person. Each participant receives a Certificate of attendance.

* A travel cost may apply dependant on distance. A deposit is required on booking of the day with full payment 2 weeks prior to the course date.

For more information or to book your day Call Jacky on 07888 764387

Testimonials from courses

‘Very useful day, every horse owner should attend’
J & K Walby – Breeders and Trainers – GLOS

‘I attended this 1 day introduction to Equine Behaviour, July 2012. The day was well structured and I found all aspects to be interesting and fun and I would love to learn more.’
Sue Connolly EMRT practitioner

‘Helps me realise I talk my language to my horse and not his own. I used the social dominance techniques I learnt and within 3 days I couldn’t believe the difference in how much easier my horses were to ride!’
Thea Maxfield – Castle Grange Stud – OXON

‘At last, some practical advice on what to do, rather than what not to do!’
Julie Dexter BTA EMRT

‘Very intersting and informative day. Lots of horses will be a lot happier thanks to these courses’.
C. Perdell – Horse owner and rider

‘I have a much clearer perception of what to look for in assessing behaviour and have realised just how wrong some of my ‘instinctive’ assumptions can be. This should be part of any equine professionals training!’
Cathy Bass – EMRT – ISLE OF MAN

‘An excellent, well paced introductory course.’
Diane Royle – Castle Grange Stud – OXON

‘Fantastic Course, very informative, easily understood and able to apply to my field of work’
Clare Townsend – Remedial Practitioner in horse and rider

‘I found the course interesting and informative. The training exercises will be very useful and I feel confident I will be able to use them successfully’
Cathy H. Leeds – EMRT and Bowen Therapist

‘Such simple movements and actions can make such a difference to your horse!’
Di Andrews – Leominster – Horse owner and rider

‘An excellent introduction to equine behaviour so we can understand or equine friends better’
Nicatie Demarco – EMRT Practioner

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