‘True Natural Horsemanship backed up by Science’

Jacky at workChallenging behaviour from your horse?

  • Horse misbehaving?
  • Confusing behaviour which has changed recently or gradually become worse over a period of time?
  • Unexplained behaviour which is out of character?
  • Or a new horse that is misbehaving?
  • Stereotypical behaviour?
  • Want to understand why your horse is behaving in this way?
  • Handling, travel, ridden or management problems?

Jacky deals with these problems and many more using natural and kind horse friendly techniques that you and your horse can understand.

Would you like the following?

  • Long term results you can trust?
  • Being able to fully understand why your horse is behaving in this undesirable way?
  • Adopting techniques that you can understand why you are doing them?
  • Techniques that your horse understands therefore giving clear messages which will not confuse or undermine progress, therefore true natural horsemanship?
  • Qualified, insured, registered, experienced and a friendly approachable service putting you and your horses safety first?
  • Improvement in the understanding and relationship between you and your horse creating a harmonious bond?
  • Reliable support from a specialist?

For more details and information or an non obligated telephone consultation about your particular situation you are welcome to telephone Jacky, Equine Behaviour Consultant on 07888 764387

No problem is too big or too small!

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